Fierce, fabulous and female

Engage and Empower Women through Acceptance and Mindfulness

Online course with psychologist and ACT trainer Rikke Kjelgaard


Fierce, fabulous and female

Every day, women all over the world realize that the hopes they have for themselves are in conflict with the messages that women have been receiving from the world around them: that a woman’s voice is somehow less important, or that being strong, powerful, and outspoken is just not appropriate or attractive for a woman. Thanks to the efforts of many fierce women and men, these messages are finally beginning to change in some contexts.

Still, numerous women are held back from living their full potential by compelling beliefs about their own strength, capabilities, worth, importance, beauty, and competency. Many women also experience a lack of confidence and courage to be who they want to be and to stand up for themselves when needed.

This online course applies acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) processes to help women empower themselves.

Throughout the course, you as a health professional will have the opportunity to work on empowerment through the various processes of psychological flexibility: acceptance, defusion, present moment, self-as-context, values, and committed action. In addition to this, we will work on values-based assertiveness training and practicing compassionate self-care.

You are invited to do experiential work from the inside out, and to practice powerful ACT techniques to empower yourself as a health professional, as well as empowering your clients. Through small group work and a series of experiential exercises, you will build the foundation needed to broaden your skills base and to grow as both a clinician and person.

The focus of this course will be on turning struggle into strength by working on empowerment through skill-building practices rather than dwelling on a history of inequality, suppressing of women, or other female challenges.

Course overview

ACT with Girl Power

An Introduction to ACT and How It Can Be Used in a Context of Empowerment

Dare to Be Your Most Courageous Self

Applying the ACT Hexaflex to Bravery

Fabulous Firmness

Using Values-Based Assertiveness Skills to Stand up for Yourself and Set Healthy Boundaries

Communicate like a Pro

Discovering and Expressing Your Deepest Needs

Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Turning Female Competition into Networks of Support

Fierce Compassion

Discover, Plan, and Execute Practices of Compassionate Self-Care

After this course you will be able to

  •  Describe the basics of the ACT model and how it relates to female empowerment
  •  Explore your own vulnerability and the strengths associated with it
  •  Apply the ACT hexaflex to the concept of bravery to advance your behavioral repertoire
  •  Describe values-based assertiveness and demonstrate assertiveness skills to create healthy boundaries
  •  Discriminate between workable and unworkable excuses and explanations
  •  Assess your needs and practice expressing these clearly to increase the likelihood of having your needs met by others
  •  Describe the important role of female support systems and building networks of practice opportunities
  •  Train and implement compassionate skills in the service of cultivating the competencies of compassion and self-care

Meet your trainer

Rikke Kjelgaard, MSc, is a licensed psychologist and peer-reviewed acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainer within the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS). She built the company ACT Danmark (in Denmark) and Human ACT (in Sweden) that offers both basic and specialist training and supervision in ACT, and she speaks frequently on ACT, compassion, and empowerment on stages across Scandinavia.

Rikke is very passionate about ACT, empowerment, and compassionate self-care, and she helps women and men around the world to thrive, stand up for themselves, and express and live their full potential.

With more than 400 workshops on her resume, Rikke is an experienced and popular educator. Her teaching style is highly experiential, and she is known to deliver trainings with passion, humour, warmth, and love.


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