Focused ACT - FACT

Don't miss the opportunity to get extensive training from Dr. Kirk Strosahl and Dr. Patricia Robinson - two of the world's leading practitioners and founders of ACT.

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What will you learn?

This workshop creates a rare opportunity to practice hands-on with two of the worlds best practitioners. In this workshop you will:

  •  Gain evidence pertaining to radical change in therapy
  •  Practice brief approaches to assessment and clinical reframes
  •  Practice brief approaches to assessment and clinical reframes
  •  Utilize brief, accurate case formulation strategies
  •  Plan powerful interventions to improve client openness, awareness and engagement and promote motivation to change
  •  Demonstrate FACT interventions with common clinical problems
  •  Apply FACT in a group setting
  •  Appreciate the art and science of reframing operations in therapy
  •  Demonstrate use of the life path intervention to enhance motivation to change
  •  Use the bulls-eye planning tool to support brief intervention
  •  Demonstrate the use of in-session assessment questions to track progress and refine treatment

Worldclass trainers

Kirk Strosahl - Focused ACT - FACT

Dr. Kirk Strosahl

Kirk Strosahl, PhD, is one of the founders of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and specializes in the application of ACT as a brief intervention. He has practiced for 30 years in a variety of brief intervention contexts, including brief therapy clinics and primary care. He has written several professional books on the brief applications of ACT, including "Brief Interventions for Radical Change" and "Inside This Moment" as well as his best selling self-help workbook on treating depression "The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression". Dr. Strosahl has conducted numerous training workshops around the world; his approach to teaching is clinician oriented and skill based. Because of this, Dr. Strosahl has often been referred to as the “hands of ACT.”

Patricia Robinson - expert in Focused ACT - FACT

Dr. Patricia Robinson

Patricia J. Robinson is a practicing psychologist and expert in the clinical use of mindfulness, acceptance, and value-driven living. She is co-author of the best-selling book "The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression" and other influential books such as "Brief Interventions for Radical Change", "Real Behavior Change in Primary Care" and "Inside This Moment". She has over twenty-five years of clinical experience helping people live life well, even with lots of stress and both mental and physical health challenges.

What they're saying

Kirk Strosahl and Patti Robinson are at the cutting edge of moving ACT processes in brief intervention moments. It is an essential ACT skill and there is no one better to teach it.

Steven Hayes, Foundation Professor Behavior Analysis Program, University of Nevada

Their training workshops are truly excellent – brief, practical, entertaining, and very powerful. I highly recommend their training to any organization interested in this sort of work.

Dr. Russ Harris Director of ACT Mindfully: Training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and author of the international best-seller, The Happiness Trap

Patti and Kirk are experienced FACT practitioners and their workshops are engaging, informative and inspiring. Their workshops are must-do workshops and of value to all health and mental health practitioners.

Professor Bruce Arroll MBChB, PhD, FRNZCGP (Distinguished) Personal Chair and Elaine Gurr Chair of General Practice and Primary Health Care * Director of the Goodfellow Unit * Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care * University of Auckland

Patti and Kirk bring ACT into the primary care setting, in a way that is focused, first of all, but also patient-friendly, realistic, effective, and compassionate. Their experience in this setting and with this approach is vast, and their workshop is sprinkled with many real-life examples and role plays that bring FACT to life.

Jacqueline Pistorello, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist/Research Faculty Counseling Services University of Nevada, Reno

Learning FACT will open doors you never knew existed. And there are no two better people to learn FACT from than Patti Robinson and Kirk Strosahl!

Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP Lead Psychologist for Swedish Medical Group, in Seattle * Co-author of "Behavioural Consultation and Primary Care"

What workshop is this?

This workshop is designed to help you learn basic FACT assessment, case formulation and intervention skills.

We will first conduct a quick overview of evidence supporting brief interventions and evidence suggesting that clients prefer briefer interventions.

The bulk of the workshop will focus on teaching participants basic assessment and intervention skills that support delivery of Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Participants will learn to conceptualise FACT interventions using the Psychological Flexibility Profile and to plan interventions using the Four Square Tool.

Additionally, participants will learn about use of FACT in groups.

Didactic lectures, experiential exercises, small group exercises roleplays and live clinical demonstrations will be used to demonstrate core FACT skills.

This workshop takes place in Malmö

Best Western Malmö Arena Hotel

(11 minutes from Copenhagen Airport)

Dates are coming

Meet Kirk Strosahl

Kirk Strosahl describes the FACT workshop

This training is in English.

It will be a didactic mix of theory, live roleplays and small group skills training.

This workshop is for practitioners working with behavior change (psychologists, doctors, teachers, nurses, physiotherapists, coaches etc).

This workshop takes in Malmö

Best Western Malmö Arena Hotel

(11 minutes from Copenhagen airport)

Dates are coming