The Gift of Self-Doubt

Join me and Dr. Russ Harris for cocktails and courageous conversations at this live webinar about self-doubt and imposter syndrome.


Have you ever suffered from self-doubt, insecurity, ”impostor syndrome”?

Well, join the club!

Why is this so prevalent?  Are there any benefits to self-doubt? How can ACT help? And what kind of hair products are best for dealing with these issues? If you’d like to know the answers to these questions**  don’t miss this funky, flexible, functional contextual conversation between two equally irreverent (that’s ’irreverent’, not ’irrelevant’!) ACT afficionados. 

Warning: this webinar may contain traces of bad jokes. 

(** We’ll only be discussing the first three of these questions; Russ is very secretive about his hair products.)

Russ Harris


Dr. Russ Harris is the author of the international best-selling self-help book ‘The Happiness Trap’ and is an world-renowned trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Hvad er "Cocktails & Courageous Conversations"?

Forestil dig at du tager til en afslappet social begivenhed. Du nyder din yndlingscocktail. Og du lytter til denne dejlige og inspirerende person som taler om noget, som du virkelig interesserer dig for. Du kan stille spørgsmål. Eller du kan nøjes med bare at kigge med. DET er essensen. Så medbring din egen cocktail til festen og så ses vi dér ☟☟☟

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