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Every day, around the globe, depression and anxiety shatter the lives of millions. 
But you have the power to make a difference Do you want to help your clients find rapid relief from suffering? And go on to build richer, fuller lives?

If so, this 3-day skills-building training is for you. 

You’ll go deeper into the ACT model, take your skills to the next level, and learn specific methods for depression and anxiety. 

You’ll learn about common stumbling blocks and sticking points, and how to quickly get around them.

And you’ll discover a wealth of practical tools and strategies to effectively target depression (major depression & dysthymia) and the full range of anxiety disorders (from OCD & phobias to social anxiety & panic disorder).

The training will include live demonstrations, videos of therapy sessions, and a wide range of experiential exercises.

N.B. You should complete a 2-day introductory workshop (with any ACT trainer) or my 8-week online beginners course, before attending this workshop; a basic level of ACT knowledge will be assumed.

  In these three action-packed days, you will learn:
  • Anxiety disorders: Case formulation and treatment planning made simple
  • 5 most common mistakes when treating anxiety
  • How to provide rapid relief from anxiety, without trying to get rid of it 
  • How to disrupt the vicious cycle of experiential avoidance
  • When is mindfulness contraindicated? 
  • The art of compassionate self-soothing
  • 3 simple questions to stop your clients running from anxiety
  • How to respond when clients say, “I hate this feeling! I just want it to go!”
  • "50 Shades of Acceptance" - helping clients gradually transition from tolerance to acceptance
  • How to get to and work with the very roots of anxiety
  • How to dissolve worrying and catastrophising
  • ‘Mindful ceasefires’: the antidote to ‘panic attacks’
  • When mindfulness backfires – and how to rapidly get back on track
  • When and how to incorporate relaxation techniques
  • Exposure: from old school to cutting edge. What is exposure? Why is it essential? What does the latest research tell us about the best way to do it?
  • Facing your fears with compassion: the art of flexible exposure 
  • Defusing obsessions and surfing compulsions
  • Releasing the shackles of perfectionism
  • Depression: Case formulation and treatment planning made simple
  • 5 most common mistakes when treating depression 
  • Shining a light in the dark: brief mindfulness interventions to rapidly relieve suffering
  • How to motivate the unmotivated
  • What to do when clients say “nothing will work”
  • How to disarm the “I don’t know” monster
  • How to get past “I have no values”
  • How to set goals when “nothing matters”
  • How to unhook from depressogenic thoughts – from ‘cognitive triads’ to ‘core schemas’
  • How to disrupt regret and rumination 
  • How to find meaning when “life is meaningless”
  • Shame-busting: moving from self-contempt to self-compassion
  • Working with the ‘inner child’
  • Homework horrors: how to get clients active between sessions
  • Mindful, values-based problem solving
  • Out of the swamp: how to get clients moving in valued directions
  • Suicidality: what reinforces it and how to compassionately undermine it
  • Dispersing the fog: how to appreciate life when your mind says "It’s pointless”

You will receive:

  • Articles, protocols, and research data on the clinical use of ACT with depression and anxiety
  • Detailed handouts covering a wide array of useful ACT interventions tets 
  • Scripts for a wide range of experiential exercises.
  • A variety of useful client worksheets
  • Three comprehensive eBooks
  • MP3 recordings of key mindfulness exercises



Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
Islands Brygge 18
2300 Kbh S

Dates: June 12-13-14 - 2017

Time: 9am - 4 pm

Fee: 5000,- DKK

Lunch (optional): 500 DKK

Light breakfast will be available every day from 8:45-9:00.
Morning coffee and tea will be served at 10:15.
Lunchbreak is from 12:00-13:00. 
Afternoon coffee and tea with cake is at 14:30.

Please note that you will provide your own lunch if you
do not book lunch when registering for this workshop.
There is a café with a limited amount of space at the venue
and a variety of lunch options in the neighborhood.

If you wish to join us for lunch on all workshop days this will be
served at the wonderful Italian restaurant
Il Buco.
This is a 4 minute walk from the workshop venue.
See map here.

Russ Harris
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Dr. Russ Harris is an internationally best-selling author, medical doctor, psychotherapist, life coach, and consultant to the World Health Organisation.

He has directly trained over 20,000 psychological health professionals in the ACT model (in Australia, Europe, UK and USA), and his textbook for professionals, “ACT Made Simple”, has sold over 50,000 copies.

Of the eight books he has written, the best known is
The Happiness Trap, which has sold half a million copies, and has been translated into twenty-two languages.

In his late twenties, even though he was a successful young doctor, Russ was anxious, stressed and depressed. Sure, he had achieved many of his major life goals, but he felt his life lacked meaning, purpose, vitality. Sound familiar? When Russ discovered the scientifically proven principles of ACT – how to live by his values, engage fully in life, and let difficult thoughts and feelings flow through him instead of sweeping him away – he was able to cure his depression and powerfully transform his life.

Russ is so confident about the benefits of ACT not just because it has changed his own life, and the lives of thousands of people he has directly worked with, but also because it is based on solid scientific research, with hundreds of published studies supporting its effectiveness. Naturally he wants to bring the power of this evidence-based therapy to as many people as possible, using the simple, practical, and fun style of teaching for which he is famous.
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